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Total Radiance Whitening

People always like a smiley person because smile plays an important role to connect people with a positive reaction. But, sometimes it is not possible because of just your bad teeth conditions like discoloring, irregular shape and many more. When you spoke in front of another person then feels embarrassing about your discolor and yellowish teeth. Now you can get relief from teeth problems because today we are introducing a new tooth product gadget is called Total Radiance Whitening which is safe and made by many natural ingredients. It is an effective product that helps your teeth and keeps them whiten and brighten all the time.

Total Radiance whitening is a modern technology to improve your teeth disabilities naturally. It works to clean the outer layer of the tooth and easily remove all stains from it. Normally many types of dental treatments are coming in the market but those are expensive and not more effective due to chemicals but this product is specially designed in pen shape for easy to use on very teeth. It makes your teeth appear more white than before and shiner. This pen can help to remove the yellowish layer from teeth and prevents from sensitivity.

total-radiance-whiteningHow Total Radiance Whitening does works effectively?

Total Radiance Whitening works through to UV lights and gel which is an easier form to use properly on every tooth. It can remove a yellowish layer from teeth and make them brighter and shiny.

Make an attractive personality- This pen helps to clean and improve your teeth conditions. Now you don’t need to feel embarrassment in front of any other person for smiling. It boosts your personality and helps to encourage you for more smiling in the front of anyone without hesitation. Now you spread your lovely smile.

Easy to use- This pen is easy to use regularly. You can just apply it on your teeth for 2 minutes and can results fast about better shiner teeth.

Cure your gums- People who have gum bleeding problem can easily use it for 2 months because it works to stop bleeding from gums and supports to make them swelling free with stronger roots.

Reduces sensitivity- Now a day people like to eat ice creams and cold drinks in large amount to take a relief from summer days after that eat something hot and this eating habit increase sensitivity in teeth but sometimes it is very painful. This pen is able to reduce the sensitivity problem from teeth.

Cavity protection- Its easier and natural using process helps to prevent your teeth from a cavity. Now you can enjoy your favorite foods and can get properly shaped teeth also.

Stronger teeth- In aging teeth shape is damaged by many reasons and your teeth look broken, this problem is mostly increased by lack nutrition values in teeth and gums but this pen is able to provide all nutrition values to teeth and gum for making them stronger from roots and bleeding free gums.

total-radiance-whiteningHow to apply it properly?

  • You can get this product in pen shape for your convenience.
  • Clean and brush your teeth before applying.
  • Apply it once in a whole day only on your teeth (not gums) for 2 months only with gentle hands.
  • Keep away from children.
  • It is only for 2 months process.


Kosher glycerine- This is a natural ingredient for teeth improvement. It has included 1/3 parts of glycerine.

Peppermint- It is natural and highly effective for killing bacteria of teeth. It has antiseptic properties which can help to remove yellow teeth layer and cure of many kinds of gum diseases.

Advantages of this product:

  • It reduces sensitivity and plaque problem quickly.
  • It is pain-free teeth treatment.
  • It is a complete package of oral hygiene.
  • It can keep smell free your mouth and make a feel of freshness.

Where to buy Total Radiance Whitening product?

You can purchase it from our official website without any form fill up and extra payment. HURRY-UP and place your lucky order now to get a free trial offer.

Is it a safe product or not?

Total Radiance Whitening is safe on teeth which verified by a dental department clinically tested by experts in our certified laboratories.


We can say that this product is unique which has the ability to clean-up your teeth in a convenient way. It helps to reduce yellow stains from teeth and polish them for making brighter. Total Radiance Whitening is able to throw out all food particles from teeth easily and keep them smell free always. It reduces sensitivity from teeth and gums without any side effects. It makes your teeth whiter without bleaching trays. It has an easy process for using with affordable cost.

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Total Radiance Whitening
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